Infuse your life with action. Don’t wait for it to happen. Make it happen. Make your own future. Make your own hope. Make your own love. And whatever your beliefs, honor your creator, not by passively waiting for grace to come down from upon high, but by doing what you can to make grace happen… yourself, right now, right down here on Earth

Bradley Whitford

International marketplaces

  • Cross-border sales is a win-win for the Indian brands who have no retail presence in Global. 
  • Once the sellers start to sales his products in the international market, they gain recognition and amplify their sales by establishing integrity with their target audience. 
  • Cross-border sales or e-commerce is a growing and emerging market today, leaving its footprint in the e-commerce world.

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Product Cataloguing & Listing Service

  • By listing the product on marketplaces, sellers will gain more exposure. The marketplace will make your brand known to customers who weren’t aware that products like yours existed. 
  • Better the listing more traffic will be generated to your storefront.
    Product cataloguing will help the consumer to understand the products perfectly

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Product Photo-shoot Management

  • Product photoshoot makes your brand more visible is the first step to generating awareness among the consumers in ecommerce website and sales.
  • We as an ecommerce service provider the help the consumer to understand your products in details thought perfect product photography.
  • Video-graphy of the products also helps in boost in sale

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Promotion & Product visibility

  • To generate more sale products need to promote in the various marketplace. We help to promote the product through banners, ads and additional discounts. 
  • During the listing, process products are uploaded with the trendy keywords for better visibility of the products. 
  • Products are promoted on various social media website using the product link to generate more traffic on your store front. 

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Brand website

  • Having a brand website will help in promoting a brand website by directly selling the products to the customer. 
  • In customer’s point of view, it’s better if they don’t have to ask anything. They can just find what they’re looking for on the brand website will help in sale boost. 
  • By promoting the website on various platforms will help to drive more people to the site by consistently updating and promoting the contents.

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Digital Marketing

  • Email marketing via newsletters & promotional email is a fantastic way to advertise and is one of the best ways to promote a new product. 
  • Businesses with an own brand website have an added opportunity to promote a new product in-store. 
  • Social media promotion are a fun, easy way of connecting with consumers because of daily active members online are in billions and also bring more brand exposer for your social media platforms.

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Inventory or Stock management

  • Increase your sales and keep track of every unit with our inventory management system. We efficiently manage the product stock across all marketplaces with a single inventory. 
  • Get complete control and real-time view of your stock, orders, prices across products and warehouses 
  • Our software control the purchase, delivery, and tracking of products in the most efficient manner. 

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Warehouse & Order fulfilment

  • Operating an in-house logistics system isn’t just a focus distraction it is also expensive, Using Navrangi ecommerce solution warehouse service will float the bill on our own improvements and provide enhanced service at no extra cost to you. 
  • In warehouse module products will be directly dispatched to the customer on the same of order. 
  • All the orders back-end works will be handled by the operation team of navrangi ecommerce solutions which will be give time to focus on your core business.

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Payment reconciliation

  • Payment reconciliation is an accounting process that uses two sets of records to ensure figures are correct and in agreement. It confirms whether the money leaving an account matches the amount that’s been spent, and making sure the two are balanced at the end of the recording period 
  • Payment Reconciliation helps in avoiding balance sheet errors which may have led to detrimental ramifications, in addition, reconciliation may help against fraud and can help install financial integrity.
  • We as an ecommerce service providers handle all the paper works of the marketplace.

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